Our Services

Social Events:

We coordinate monthly social events in the community for adults with and without disabilities. These events provide opportunities for people to get to know each other who might not have met otherwise. Chicago All In will provide a safe and fun environment with designated staff and volunteer helpers who can act as community supports. Chicago All In staff and volunteers are trained to be unobtrusive, providing assistance only when it’s needed and resuming the natural role of a party guest when it’s not.

Community Integration:

Chicago All In will support small groups of participants in activities that are open to all Chicagoans. We provide afternoon resource groups from 3-6pm and all day (9-5) urban adventures on the weekend. All activities will take place in community locations using the most inclusive transportation options available.


Chicago All In supports an active dialogue between policy-makers and consumers of disability related services. We facilitate consumer lead discussions and activities that mobilize citizens with and without disabilities to become engaged advocates for the civil rights of people with disabilities in Chicago.