About Us

Chicago All In is a Not-For-Profit organization founded in the belief that all people have a place in their community. We are committed to creating possibilities for adults with disabilities to participate fully in their communities together with their non-disabled peers. Our lives have been enhanced by our experiences with people with disabilities and we hope to share this positive influence with others.

Integration: We believe that many of the organizations and institutions that are designed to assist people with disabilities have the unintended side effect of segregating them from society.  Chicago All In will supplement existing programs by providing opportunities in the community for disabled and non disabled citizens to build relationships of their choosing.

Innovation: Chicago is an amazing city filled with cultural, recreational and educational opportunities. At Chicago All In, we love our city! Chicago All In will use community resources as a location for our organization and all of our programming will take place in Chicago’s public libraries, parks, cultural institutions and businesses. Working directly in the community makes us cost effective and flexible. In addition, it allows us to provide training to non-disabled citizens in a natural environment allowing them to become additional supports.

Independence: We believe in supporting people only as much as they need. Our assistance in the community will be designed to be faded out using individualized strategies. Our goal is to assist in establishing community connections between people with and without disabilities and our highest compliment is a consumer who no longer needs us.